Your guide to blissful nights


Do you struggle with your baby's sleep?


Does your baby wake up too many times at night for her age?

Or wakes up just once or twice but stays awake for hours?

Does it take forever to make him fall asleep at bedtime?

Are naps too short?

Did she use to sleep well, but suddenly started to wake up more often at night?

Does he scream at bedtime fighting sleep?

Does she wake up too early in the morning?

Do you co-sleep but it stopped working?

Maybe you feel...


You might be wondering...


You probably would like to...


Hi, I'm Anna and I totally get it.


But I also know that you can fix this.

I know that things can go back to normal

I know that bedtime can be pleasant and stress-free

I know that once you are not sleep deprived everything will be just rainbows and fireworks



The Baby Sleep Book is comprehensive


The Baby Sleep Book is the only book about baby sleep you will ever need.

It's magic!

Information about baby sleep on the internet is very confusing. Luckily, I found The Baby Sleep Book and it is magic! All the information in one place, based on the scientific literature, and very easy to read and understand. I think I’ve read it all in one go! I would highly recommend it and I wish I had found it earlier.

(Maria, London)

No judgement!

The Baby Sleep Book explains everything you need to know about sleep coaching. There are many solutions described, and you can pick the ones that feel comfortable. No pushing, no judgement! I'm so grateful for it. 

(Barbara, Budapest)

This is the Holy Book of sleep coaching!

No kidding :)

Norah (New York)

If you read only one book about baby sleep, this should be it!

Sarah (Melbourne)

You don't have to follow my favorite sleep training method!


My goal with this book is to spare you the research I have done.

The Baby Sleep Book is based on about 5 sleep coaching books and 50 scientific papers and it has all the information that you need to improve your baby’s sleep.

I took the most popular sleep experts’ books, synthesized their wisdom and broke it down to small, actionable steps that you can follow even if you haven't slept in months.

All you have to do is follow the program I have outlined for you and celebrate you victories along the way.


A holistic three-week program


Continuous support

It's risk free!

If you don’t like the book for whatever reason, I will send you your money back, no questions asked

You have two weeks to write to me from the day of purchase ([email protected])


The Baby Sleep Book

All-in-One Sleep Coaching Solution for tired parents

by Anna Fedor


Step-by-step sleep coaching program


From The Baby Sleep Book you will learn:

The Baby Sleep Book

All-in-One Sleep Coaching Solution for tired parents

by Anna Fedor